I’m Lindsie. I’m a full-time working mom of one, certified personal trainer and food lover. Seriously – obsessed. I currently reside in small town Saskatchewan, Canada where not a lot of people get as wildly excited about eating and working out as I do. What can ya do?

Growing up I had a lot of digestive issues. I recall being in Grade 2 and having to sit in the bathroom all morning because I physically could not move my stomach hurt so bad. Like any 90’s child growing up, staples in my household included waffles, cinnamon toast crunch and ice cream on the daily. I remember just accepting the fact that sometimes I got severe stomach pains and that’s just how it was – never once did I or the adults in my life consider that it could be the food I was eating.

After I moved out and went to University, my eating habits got inevitably worse. I gained 20 lbs, had severe anxiety and my stomach was worse than it had ever been. Ironically, I was an athlete for the Woman’s Volleyball team there and was taught very little about proper nutrition to carry the heavy training load we had.

In my third year of University, I got pregnant with my now 4 year old. When I found out, I knew I had to figure out my diet (and basically my life). Like seriously get my shit together. When Blaize was born, my diet consisted of bread, bread and more bread. It was easy, convenient and I was way too tired to cook anything. #momlife… The kicker is I thought I was actually being healthy – WTF. On top of my stomach pains and obvious inflammation, I began to get migraines and experience panic attacks. It felt like my world was completely crashing down and I couldn’t figure out why.

I finally decided it was time to take back control. I researched ways to alleviate the post-partum anxiety I was having as well as what could be causing the migraines. That is when I found the paleo diet. If you don’t know what the paleo diet is, you can find more info about it here. Long story short, it did what it was supposed to do. No more migraines, less panic attacks and more energy – for a while.

After being strict paleo for about a year or so, I got into Crossfit. That was the most fun, most challenging thing I had done for myself in years. It helped my anxiety a ton, and made me a lot tougher mentally. The only thing I found was my energy was quite low during workouts. My body looked better than ever, but I felt dragged down and extremely tired almost all the time. I had been restricting carbs for so long, I decided to add some “non-paleo” carbs into the mix and BOOM – energy back and I felt better than ever.

3 years later you can catch me working out at my local Crossfit gym though I am always game for mixing it up. As for the true love of my life (food), I’m always trying to put a healthy spin on it.. I stay away from gluten and dairy as much as possible without restricting myself and I have a love affair with chocolate. Your girl has a sweet tooth… I love a good dessert, so I’m always learning the fine balance between what’s good for my body and what’s good for my soul.

 I am super excited that you’re here. I really hope to help show you that finding a balance is an ongoing journey and it’s okay to not be perfect and flat out suck sometimes. Life get’s messy – and that’s okay.