Bulletproof Coffee

December 21, 2017

You guys! I got a fitbit for my birthday and it is so fricken cool. I didn’t think it would change anything but it totally has me on board to try and hit all of the different daily goals. For one, I never track my water but now I am tracking how much I drink a day to hit this goal of 64 oz. This seems fricken impossible but here’s hoping I actually follow through with it. It also tracked my sleep last night and I think it will be so insightful when it comes to understanding why I might be tired or not feeling well. So last night I obviously did not have a very long sleep, but for the most part I thought I slept well. 



I also never really track my weight, but I think it would be such a cool thing to see the patterns over time. It is such a neat way to help you understand your body and make you realize things about your self you didn’t know before. There is also a 6 week challenge starting at my gym in the New Year. I just love it! It makes me excited to actually commit to something and be held accountable a little bit. Some people don’t like challenges but I thrive on them. Anything where I can better myself and be pushed in a setting where everyone is trying there hardest is just incredible. 

To be honest I never really got onto the bulletproof coffee train until recently. Mostly because the idea of putting butter in my coffee made my skin crawl. Why? Well, let me tell you. Ever since summer, I have almost completely cut out dairy. No, I’m not lactose and I had no stomach issues surrounding diary. I actually cut it out a long time ago when I first started to eat paleo. After a couple of years, I began introducing more “whole” dairy sources like heavy cream, unsalted butter, Greek yogurt and some cheeses. No big deal right? I also let myself eat dairy when I was eating out or having ice cream on occasion because I am SUCH a foodie and I can’t resist letting myself indulge a little bit. 

For some reason, this all caught up with me this past summer. I began using heavy cream daily, eating ice cream a couple of times a week and having cheese way more often than I used to and it all resulted in acne. Not just a couple zits here or there, but FULL ON acne – almost to the point where it was cystic-like. You guys, I am a 25 year old woman and my skin was in worse shape than it’s ever been. WTF.

It got so bad that I was actually embarrassed when I didn’t wear make-up. For those of you who know me will understand that it must have been pretty damn bad because I am not an avid make-up wearer, even if I do look like shit. 

Long story short: No dairy = No zits.

After cutting it out and re-introducing it IN MODERATION, I have had no problems. Actually, my skin is the nicest it’s been ever. So for all of my milk lovers out there.. got zits? If you don’t get that joke, you should just leave. Anyways! My solution for this little problem is to use ghee! Ghee is clarified butter. It contains no lactose and no milk solids (yay!) and it still tastes delicious. You’d actually never know the difference. I ordered my ghee here but you can find it in any whole foods store! 

So why “bulletproof”? Probably because it contains a ton of healthy fats but I can’t be sure. All I know is it tastes great and makes me feel even greater. It’s also a really good way to fit collagen into your daily routine. Enjoy!

Bulletproof Coffee
Serves 1
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 12g or 1 serving of collagen
  2. 20g of pure honey
  3. 60g of full fat coconut milk
  4. 15g of coconut oil
  5. 30g of ghee
  6. 10 oz of coffee
  1. Put all the ingredients into a blender
  2. Blend until all ingredients are mixed together
  3. Enjoy!
Lindsie Catherine http://lindsiecatherine.com/

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