Everyday Must-Do’s to Feel Good

March 8, 2017

5 Everyday Must Do's to Feel Good

Good day! I’m so glad you were interested enough in my title to come read this post. You obviously want to feel good, and that is exciting for me. Good for you! I have been thinking a lot lately about habits. I think the best way to go about forming habits is to get to know yourself first. How do you react to expectations? Accountability? Do you thrive when you have a to-do list or do you purposefully not do it? Get to know yourself, and you will be able to form habits in your own way. 

I have discovered recently that I am a full-fledged rebel. I got this notion out of a book that I’m reading right now, and it is so eye opening. Anyone who is interested in knowing your true nature on a deeper level, read this book – Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. I got the audible version, but I think the book is a good read as well.

Anyways, I don’t think must-do is a word, but if it isn’t don’t judge me. I like to think that there are things you can do every single day that will make you feel accomplished. There is nothing better than feeling like you have actually accomplished something in a day, even if it is something as simple as brushing your teeth.

I’ve decided there are a few things that if I do everyday, I feel like I’m winning. This isn’t to say that everyday I feel over the moon with accomplishment & feel-good feelings, but these little habits definitely help. Would you call these life hacks? I don’t think so. I don’t really know what those are, but they sound cool.

Let’s get to the list. Try doing these things everyday, you will feel like a boss.

  1. Make your bed. Yes, you heard that right. Make your damn bed. I read a study somewhere that if you commit to that small accomplishment every single day, you will automatically feel more inclined to tackle bigger, more challenging things
  2. Workout. Honestly, when I miss a workout my first thought isn’t “omg I’m going to gain weight”. Don’t be so vain people. I start to feel like I lose momentum! When I go and tackle my workout, even when I don’t want to, I feel a sense of confidence & momentum to take on even more because it feels so good.
  3. Read. As much as I love a good binge of Harry Potter, read something that will actually teach you something besides what spell you use to make Polly-juice Potion. Commit to 20 minutes a day to a book that will inspire you, make you more self-aware, shed light on some habits you want to change, etc. 
  4. Eat. I mean, eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Eat foods that will light you up, make you feel energized and confident. This sounds obvious, but trust me when I say there is nothing that makes me feel better like knowing I had a super nutritious day of food. 
  5. Eat That Frog. Tackle the thing that you want to avoid most, first. I don’t come up with an extravagant to-do list, but I do list 1-3 things I NEED to get done, and I do them right away. Don’t think this will work? Read the book.

5 Everyday Must-Do's to Feel Good

Any other daily habits that you can do to make your day awesome is up to you. I know that if I commit to these 5, I feel light, free & motivated to keep going. The goal here to make these things a habit, so you don’t have to think about them anymore. Whether you are someone who forms habits easily or not so easily is for you to determine. 


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