How to Eat Healthy (When You’re Not at Home)

March 13, 2017

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Let me fill you in on what it’s like to date a cattle rancher that ranches away from home. During calving season, you probably won’t see them on the regular anymore. If you’re lucky (like we are), we have a place to stay and go see him during this time so we don’t have to be separated for 3 months.

This means that for a couple days a week, my daughter and I will go stay at the “main homestead” so we can all be together. This also means that I don’t have any of my “weird” healthy food, and that can sometimes pose a problem.

I get it, when you’re not home all the time, it is so hard to have any sort of control over your diet. Especially when you’re staying with your in-laws and eating THEIR food and THEIR meals.

This is not to say that I don’t absolutely appreciate eating wonderfully made meals from time to time, but when you eat a certain way it can make it really hard not to feel like a pain in the ass. I have come up with a list. This list contains all of the ways I have managed to eat fairly healthy while I have been away from my fridge, my groceries and my routine. 

BYOF: Bring Your Own Food

No one is stopping you, just bring your own damn food. You don’t have to stock their fridge and look like a psycho, but you can definitely bring things that will make your life easier. For example, I don’t eat bread, but I really enjoy a piece of gluten free toast once in awhile (especially when options are limited otherwise).

I also like to bring some sweet healthy treats as a back up since desserts often make appearances when your a guest at someone else’s home or in a hotel.

An example of bringing in back up desserts: I bring homemade coconut milk ice-cream or a dark chocolate treat to curb my sugar cravings so I don’t always cave to the sugary indulgences that are presented to me. (This is not to say I don’t enjoy them from time to time)

Get it out of the way, and tell them the big secret: YOUR HEALTHY

I get it. When you first meet someone’s family, and they offer you some pasta and you have to politely turn them down, they all give you that look like “Oh f*ck, she’s one of those girls”. It’s ok, don’t panic. Eventually they will get to know you and learn that you’re not a total prude, you just want to take care of yourself.

Eating to much sugar or gluten hurts my stomach, so I let them know it gives me stomach pains if I go overboard. I also let them know that it is totally ok, and I will make arrangements to eat something that I can handle so they don’t feel like they have to work around me all the time.

Just tell them, whoever “them” is. The restaurant at the resort, the mother-in-law at a family supper, whoever it is. No one’s opinion is more important than your health.

Plan Ahead

Let’s say you are going to be eating somewhere that might have little to no “healthy” choices, plan ahead of time so you can bring food, eat beforehand or get an idea of what’s on the menu. If I know that I will be on the go for supper and might have to stop somewhere quick, I will make sure I eat before I leave so I’m not starving by the time supper rolls around. 

Maybe you’re going to a family or friends house for supper, there is nothing wrong with asking what they are making for supper. You don’t have to say it in a way that sounds rude, you can say it in a way where you sound excited about it! You can then decide if you want to go that night or choose a different night. 

Take matters into your own hands and cook!

This won’t work in every situation, but when you are staying as a guest at someone else’s home there is nothing wrong with offering to cook the meal. This will give your host a break from cooking for everyone, and give you the control you need to make a healthier meal (or at the very least, healthier options).

As I type this, I am actually about to cook everyone a meal out of my in-laws kitchen so I can take the work off of her hands, and make my “healthier” version of chilli & white rice. 

If you are at a resort or staying in a hotel, there is nothing wrong with going to the grocery store & cooking for yourself if the options are limited. Whole Foods is a great place you can find really healthy pre-made meals where you can see the ingredients that are added. Get creative! You are never stuck.


There you have it! Don’t use travelling or staying at someone else’s home as an excuse to stop taking care of yourself. There are things you can do to make sure that you are staying on track and eating things that make you feel good. 

Question of the day: What strategies do you use when you are travelling to stay healthy?



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