How to Get Into Alignment

April 4, 2017


What the hell does it mean to get in “alignment”? Let’s start by me asking you the question, what do you think it feels like to be OUT of alignment in your own life?

Chances are you’d tell me that being out of alignment feels like your in despair. It usually means something in your life is off and you are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. 
I don’t want to say that in a sense of a “job”, but just in general. Maybe you’re in a relationship that isn’t right for you or you are being solely guided by your ego. Who the hell knows at this point?
The bottom line is that we often can identify with what it feels like to be OUT of alignment instead of in alignment. This is probably because our society doesn’t bring out that side of us.
More often than not we are raised in an environment where we have a set or rules and expectations put on us that are essentially constructed by our senior authorities insecurities and personal experiences. At the very least, this really fucks with us. It teaches us to to follow what everyone ELSE is doing instead of tuning in to what WE want. 
Being in alignment means you are at peace. It is the feeling of completely serenity, happiness and excitement about your life. Any turmoil or anxiety is a sign that you are not in complete alignment with something in your life and should be taken as a sign to explore it further. 
So how can we effectively seek alignment in our lives? Here are a few things that have personally helped me.


If you haven’t hopped on the meditation train, you need to now. If you aren’t a huge woo-woo type person, look at the practical side. To be able to train your brain to stop thinking isn’t a bad thing to do. If you have anxiety or don’t know yourself that well, this is the perfect opportunity for you. 5 minutes a day keeps anxiety away! That’s it. 5 minutes.
All you have to do is simply relax your body, close your eyes and concentrate on your surroundings and feeling your presence in the room. You WILL fail at this time and time again, but soon the noise will simmer down and you will get better. It’s just like working a muscle in the gym. You have to train it in order for it to get stronger. 

Personal Development

Filling your mind up with new ideas leads to breakthrough moments. Breakthrough moments lead to self awareness and self-awareness is the tits. How can you know what it means for you to be in alignment if you don’t even know yourself? Seriously??

Through personal development I’ve learned that I don’t like rules and I also don’t respond well to them. Can you imagine what it was like to figure that out about myself? I FINALLY knew how to get myself to do things without trying to resist them. That is only a fraction of the things I have learned about me. The more I learn, the closer I get to figuring out what it is I really want in life.

Listen to your Intuition

Okay so I made a post here about your ego vs. your intuition. Knowing the difference between the two is extremely important. Go read that post and you will understand what the hell I’m talking about!
To make a long story short, your intuition is like your “inner knowing”. The deep wisdom that you have but don’t tune into because your ego is to busy distracting you. Your ego is the thing that tries to protect you. This is both good and bad. It is good in a sense that you feel fear when you are in immediate danger so you can react accordingly, however it is not so good when it comes to non-dangerous situations. 
You see, your ego wants to protect you from more things than just danger. It wants to keep you safe from embarrassment, failure, humiliation, frustration and fear. The ironic part is that it takes all of those things in order to grow and do things out of your comfort zone. Are you putting two and two together now?

Listening to your intuition is really the answer. This takes a lot of time and practice, but it IS doable. I’ll make it simple for you. Your ego is loud and in your face. It also tells you that you “can’t”, a lot. Your intuition is a calm, peaceful voice. It’s like trusting the Universe that things will work out how they should, always in your favor. If you ever ask your intuition a question, the answer will ALWAYS feel peaceful as it is made out of LOVE, not fear.


Ok so this is kind of interesting. If you start to visualize the things that you want and make you feel good, you will begin to recognize the things that don’t make you happy. If you can identify those things, you have a much better chance at identifying the things that get you out of alignment.

This is basically an extension off of knowing yourself. Think of this as another technique to get to know what makes you feel really good. When you are visualizing, I don’t want you to think about bad things. Remember, energy flows where your attention goes. I don’t want you to attract bad things into your life by putting energy and thought behind them. Instead, visualize things that make you feel amazing and excited.

After you’re done visualizing (5 minutes a day is a great start point), then observe the things your mind thought about and how they made you feel. After you do this, you will gain some clarity as to what it is you want. By knowing this, you will know what you are doing right now that is NOT in alignment with what it is you want. 

I hope this helps you. What do you do to stay in alignment? How do you recognize when you are NOT in alignment? Fill me in! I want to know. 


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