Merry Christmas + Motivation over the Holidays

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas folks! This morning Blaize cleaned house. Santa killed it and she is still beaming. Happier than a clam! I have a question for all of you parents out there. How do you decide what to give your kids from Santa and from yourself? Do you save the best gifts to give them from you so you can take all the credit or do you let Santa take the credit? For a while there I wasn’t even going to get Blaize anything huge from me because I wanted to save everything for Christmas morning but screw that! I wanted to give her something big and special and have her know it was from me. Am I being selfish? I just don’t know, but who cares. She’s happy and it was a lot of fun watching her open everything.

This month has probably been the hardest month for me in terms of eating properly. Usually I pack everything to work and I’m really on top of making sure I have good food available to eat when I start to get hungry. This month has completely gotten away from me. With all of the office treats and the lack of food preparation, I have really let myself eat like complete shit. Unfortunately it’s really affecting my stomach and the way I feel day to day. I want to just enjoy the rest of today without feeling a ton of extreme food guilt and know that I will get back on track tomorrow when I am actually in my own house and I have control over what I am eating. 

I have never really experienced a ton of food guilt in the past couple of years but I think it’s stemming from the lack of time in the gym and my stomach pains. The gym is a whole different story. I can not WAIT to get back into a routine where I am going on a regular basis. In the summer it felt so easy to go to the gym everyday because the sun was up until 11 at night and every day felt so long. Now by the time I get home from work it’s pitch black out and super cold. BUT, I want to stay positive here. I know that starting tomorrow I will make working out a priority, I know that my gym routine will come once all of the holiday bustle ends and I know that I will begin to make good food choices once I am home on a regular basis. It all starts with me and my mindset. I’m not going to let a couple days of over-indulging get me down and you shouldn’t either. 

Let’s talk a little bit about this. Today is Christmas so enjoy yourself today! That being said, I don’t think the time in between Christmas and New Years day should be an excuse to dig yourself into an even deeper hole. Take advantage of the extra week of preparation and get ahead of yourself so come 2018 you can be on top of your shit. I am definitely doing this and I actually can’t wait to start tomorrow. Anyone else? Maybe it’s just me but I am SO looking forward to it. Bring on 2018 and let’s make this the best year yet! 

I hope that the holidays are bringing you guys a ton of joy and happiness from me and B!

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