New Years Resolutions + What to Focus On

January 2, 2018

After taking the last week off or so from cooking and writing blog posts, I think I finally feel ready to get back to the grind. First things first, happy New Year you lovely people! I can’t believe it’s already 2018. I actually remember back in the day talking with my girlfriends about how in 2018 I’d be 26 and how old that is. I really thought that day would ever come but it finally has. Yikes. I actually feel extremely old as well. On New Years Eve I literally sat at home with my daughter and drank a glass of wine. We even watched a kids movie and I fully enjoyed every second of it. 

Let’s talk New Years. Have you set any New Years resolutions? Are you one of those people that hits the reset button? Do you despise New Years because it forces you to think about your bad habits? I personally really like the start of the year. To me it’s the perfect reset from all of the junk food, the late nights, the alcohol and all of the other shit that comes with the holidays. I’m also very much a creature of habit so when I get out of my routine it drives me a little bit crazy. I want you to think about what it is you want in 2018? If you’re like 99% of people, you want to get into shape and that is fantastic! Just don’t be one of those people who goes hard for 1 month and then falls off the bandwagon. 

It’s important to figure out the “why” behind why you’re doing something. If you have a goal you’ve set out to achieve, you have to have a really good f*cking reason to push through all of the hard times, all the temptations and all of the growing pains. It’s not easy! In times where you want to give up, it’s important to have something you can fall back on that will make you keep going. For example, let’s say you want to lose weight and you set your goal to lose 15 lbs.

The reason you wanted to lose 15 lbs is so you can look good in a bikini. You like the idea of aesthetically looking really good in a 2-piece but you don’t go to the beach that much. One month in, you’ve plateaued. You stop seeing the number go down on the scale and you think to yourself, “well, I guess I can just avoid the beach”. This is the perfect example of having a really poor reason to lose weight and it puts way to much emphasis on the number you see on the scale.

Let’s re-frame this scenario. You want to lose 15 lbs give or take, but you want to focus more on feeling really good from the inside out. You want to do this so you can do better at work, have more energy for your kids and feel like yourself again. You don’t weigh yourself that much and concentrate mostly on how you feel and look instead of your weight. 1 month in things get really tough as you are stressed at work and feel lazy when you get home. You then realize that you’ve had way more energy than you ever have before and you feel tight. You know you’re setting a great example for your kids and you want to show them perseverance therefore you don’t give up on your goal. 

The simple practice of re-framing how you think about your goals is huge. Make your why into something that actually matters! Focus on health, energy and feeling amazing and you will find it much harder to give that up than trying to hit a specific number on a scale. If you really don’t have a “why” for doing something it’s your job to make it into something bigger than it is. Write out all of the reasons why you want to achieve that goal and make them meaningful.

When I write out my resolutions, I use the SMART framework. I will state my goal and decide how I will get there, how I will measure my success and when I want to achieve them by. I also never set goals for myself that are not realistic. Remember guys, keep it real. Here is an example below…

In 2018, I want to:

  1. Become stronger than I’ve ever been. I will measure this by consistently PR’ing all of my lifts in the gym. I will aim to go to my Crossfit classes 4-5x a week. If I can’t make the fifth day, I will do a workout on my own to make sure I’m active 5 days a week. I want to have made significant progress by the summer for obvious reasons. I also know that the more I commit to my workout regimen, the better I will feel mentally, emotionally and physically. Working out gives me confidence, teaches me perseverance and pushes me to continually get out of my comfort zone.  These characteristics make me thrive everyday and will naturally push me to get better in all areas of my life. 

I hope this helps guys! What are your resolutions? What is your why?

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