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January 29, 2018

Good morning lovely folks! I am reporting back to you as I finally feel like I am back into my normal routine (thank god). Last week I actually made some progress in my own personal goals which makes me rather excited. I am back full swing into my workout routine and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

I went on a girls trip this weekend to Edmonton and I have to say it made me realize just how much I forget how important it is to make time for your friends. I had the same realization Friday night before I left for the city when I went to my gym and ended up hanging out for 2.5 hours. It is SO fulfilling to be around people that make you laugh, smile and feel happy to be around. I think sometimes people get caught up in the busyness of their own lives and forget what is really important. Relationships with people that make you happy are so damn important! Make the time. It might feel like a pain in the ass but I promise you it’ll be worth it. 

Back to this girls trip… I ate a crepe, an ice cream cone (see above) and more vodka soda’s than I’d like to admit. I didn’t let myself go completely nuts but I definitely knew I wanted to indulge a little bit. I had a brief moment of panic when I stepped on my scale this morning just to see how much “damage” on my progress I actually did and realized that it didn’t actually matter. What mattered is what I did AFTER I indulged. I shifted my mindset so I could enjoy my treats and still continue to eat healthy and workout afterwards. It never helps to get “stuck” in eating like shit and thinking, “well I ate one so I might as well eat 30”. Your body is a resilient thing and the chances of one “bad day” of eating ruining everything you’ve worked for is like expecting one really GOOD day of eating to change your body composition overnight… it just doesn’t work that way.

My point is, let yourself enjoy things and then MOVE ON. Food guilt sucks and it shouldn’t be something holding you back from truly enjoying the beautiful things in life… like marble slab. Below are the workouts that I did last week. I only worked out for time but the endless shopping and dancing on Saturday counts as cardio… right?


Accessory Work:

3 Rounds
8 Single-Arm DB Rows
8 Back Extensions
8 Hip Thrusts
8 Single Leg RDL
Rest 2 min.


Dumbbell Squat Cleans (I used 30#)
Ring Dips (I used a red band, then an orange)
It took me 11:31.


Back Squat
4 x 6 
I did 135#.


Row 500m

6 Rounds Bear Complex
(Power clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Press) 
Row 500m
6 Rounds of Cindy
(5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats)

I used 75# and an orange band to scale push-ups. I completed this in 17:31. 

Wednesday (Rest Day)


At-home workout:

30 Push-ups
Rest 2 minutes
30 Burpees
Rest 2 min.
30 Mountain Climbers
30 Jumping Lunges
Rest 2 min.
30 Burpees


Chest to Bar pull-ups
Wallballs (I used 20#)
*In between each round perform 5 HSPU


Squat Clean and Jerks
1 @ 155#
3 @ 145#
5 @ 125#
7 @ 95#
9 @ 85#
11 @ 65#

This WOD was for weight, not for time. It was painful but totally worth it. 

Saturday/Sunday Recovery Days

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