Weekly Workouts + Progress Update

February 12, 2018

Good morning my sweet, sweet friends. It is Monday and I am so not ready for it to be another week. Luckily it’s a long weekend this weekend! So this past week was really good nutrition wise. I hit my numbers every day and I stuck with it without much trouble at all. I did however take an extra rest day so I only worked out 3 times this week… oops. 

Not to worry though because this week I’m planning on getting all 5 of my workouts in, no questions asked. I don’t know why, but on Thursday I just wasn’t feeling well. I was tired, my stomach felt really weird and I just had no desire to go to the gym. It was one of those rare occasions that going to the gym might have made it worse rather than better so I went with my gut feeling and took the day off.

Progress Update

I didn’t change to much in weight so I switched my numbers up this week. 

Last weeks macros vs. this weeks macros

250g Carbs > 225g Carbs
75g Fat > 60g Fat
130g Protein > 150g Protein

2195 calories > 2040 calories

I changed up my ratios quite a bit this week. I honestly liked not having to worry much about my fat intake, but I did notice myself feeling a little bloated and maybe like I was “overeating” at times. I lowered fat significantly, upped my protein and slightly lowered my carbs. I only lowered calories slightly as I don’t want to affect my apathetic performance and I want to gradually cut. 

As mentioned above, my weight fluctuated but overall I slowly went from 161 to about 159.8 ish over the course of the week. I am hoping to reach 158 this week while still training hard and eating plenty of great food! I am required to say this but please do not use my numbers to try and replicate my results. I am only sharing them with you so I can be transparent and educate you a little bit. Remember our bodies are completely different so what works for me probably will not work for you.

Beginning of the week: 160 lbs


End of the week: 159 lbs


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Now let’s talk workouts. I have been progressing a ton and getting noticeably stronger in some of my movements while others I’m still really working on. I think it’s a combination of eating enough, getting enough sleep and stretching daily.  I don’t get extremely sore anymore which is awesome… maybe I’m just used to it? I don’t really know but whatever I’m doing I’m just going to keep at it! The Crossfit open starts next week and I am pumped. If you don’t know what it is, you can check it out here. It’s basically a competition that is open to anyone in the world to try and get to Crossfit regionals. It’s basically like one giant fitness test and it pushes you so hard. I can NOT WAIT. 


Back Squat
4 x 6 @ 145 

*then do a 20 rep mac at 55% of 1RM. I used 105#

AMRAP 12 min:
25 ft. DB Walking lunge
8 ring dips
25 ft. DB Walking lunge
8 push-ups
I used 35# for the lunges and an orange band for the ring dips.


5 x 3 
I did 195#

5 x 250-m Row Sprints
My best row was 48 seconds.

Wednesday (Rest)

Thursday (Rest)
Normally I work out on Thursday’s but I was just NOT feeling well so I took an extra rest day.


10 Minutes to build to a heavy power clean.


16 Minutes on the clock:
3 rounds: *building weight 
9 power cleans 
3 rounds:
7 power cleans
3 rounds:
5 power cleans
Max rounds:
3 power cleans

I got to my second round of 7 but I RX’d the workout so it was quite heavy for me!

Saturday + Sunday (Rest)


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