Weekly Workouts + Full Day of Eating

December 12, 2017

I wouldn’t say I’ve been getting cravings, but I have been getting the urge to snack. I’m not even fricken hungry! I just feel myself sit down at the end of the night wanting to slowly eat popcorn, ice cream or chocolate. This is how you know you need to dial it in because my god. 

Typically I work out 4-5 times a week. I like to try and do Crossfit 4-5 times plus I have rec volleyball sprinkled in there as well during the winter months. Needless to say I’m extremely busy and I really try to prioritize my health so I can be the best version of myself. 

I try not to let myself get out of the habit for to long otherwise it makes the transition getting back into things extremely tough. For example, I was so ready to kill it last week. My schedule had slowed down and I had rested up so I could fit all of my workouts in. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday, but during Wednesday volleyball I tweaked my neck. It was SO painful.

This indicated that I needed to slow down and give my body a chance to get used to doing Crossfit again before I could play volleyball. This blows, but it is necessary. I took the week off from doing much activity after that but I made sure to dial in my eating so I didn’t completely fall off the wagon.

Make sure you head to the bottom of my post for a free at-home workout for all you ladies out there who don’t gym. I completely feel you. Right now, I can easily make time to go to a fitness class and/or regular gym but when I was living on the farm I had no time to do so. I was forced to get creative with my fitness regime and work out from home to try and get results. These workouts are also great for if you are in a position where you want to fit something in but have no time or resources to do so (aka travelling, busy week, etc). Enjoy!


Pause Front Squat
3 sec Pause in Bottom
5 x 3 (I did 125#)

Burpee Box Jump-Overs
DB Hang Power Snatches (I used 25# RX)
Air Squats
I finished in 9:49


With a partner
For Time:
Row 500m total between the 2 (one at a time)

5 Rounds:
60 Double-unders (split up however)
6 x 5-10-15m suicide sprints (you go I go)

300m Sprint Row (each)
My partner and I finished in 18:08.

Wednesday – Sunday

I rested and took care of my neck. I feel up to snuff again now!


What I Ate in a Day

I started my day off with bulletproof coffee, gluten free coconut and black bean cereal w/ unsweetened cashew milk and 2 eggs w/ hot sauce. 


For dinner I had chicken breast, potatoes w/ green onions, baked broccoli and romaine w/ garlic Parmesan olive oil dressing. 


I then made a batch of my paleo pumpkin pecan muffins and they turned out fantastic. I snacked on 2 of the smaller ones.


For supper I had 4 chicken wings, some wild northern rice and Caesar salad. This wasn’t my “healthiest” day of eating, but I wasn’t home for the majority of the day so I kept my shit together pretty well if you ask me. I finished the night off with some homemade hot cocoa sweetened with maple syrup.


Here is a picture of my daughters wonderful gingerbread house. Thought I should share since it’s that time of year!


At-home workout:

Air Squats


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