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December 18, 2017

Happy Monday my loves! So remember when I told you I didn’t feel like drinking at all at my Christmas party this weekend? Well, we did and I did in fact regret it yesterday. I suggest you never commit to going drink for drink with a woman who can drink – stupid. Anyways, after the headache went away I felt okay! A little secret of mine – avoid shots and sugary drinks. Just drink vodka waters and you’ll stay hydrated at the very least. 

Monday is often a day of new beginnings. I totally get that it’s so close to the New Year and how easy it is to say fuck it, I’ll wait until January 1st to make a change. You now have one week until Christmas. Use this week to get ahead as much as you can so you feel good about splurging a little come Christmas day. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re even farther behind going into a new year. 

What are some of your goals? What are some of the things you want to change in 2018? Now is the time to start thinking about it. It’s perfect. It’s like the ultimate Monday… so make the best of it. Now is a good time to start thinking about summer! I know, I know. You’re thinking, “are you high? Summer is like 5 months away”, but ask yourself this. If you begin to make small changes now, in five months they will add up significantly! It happens far to often that Spring hits and people are crash dieting and freaking out about feeling good in a bikini when you could just start something now and not deal with that. 

For me personally, committing to the gym and going consistently 4-5 times a week is a priority. I want to be the strongest I’v ever been this year. I also want to focus on my gut health. Your gut is connected to your mind, and lately I haven’t been taking care of my gut as much as I should be (stomach aches are becoming a more frequent occurrence). So there you have it, gut health and commitment to my workouts. Could I get any more basic? 



5 sets:
5 strict pull-ups
25 ft. handstand walk

12 Front Squats 
24 Box Jumps (20 inch)
12 OH Squats
5 rounds

I RX’d the workout using 65#. My time was 19:43.


Clean Complex:
Clean pull + Hang Power Clean + Power Clean
Build to max 2 @ 90% of today’s max
I capped out at 125#

Min 1: 15 DB Push Jerks
Min 2: 10 Cal Row
Mix 3: 10 DB Box Step-ups
5 Rounds

I went between using 25-35# for the Push Jerk and used 35# for the step-ups. I got my reps in before each minute was up.

Rest day.


Back Squat
6 x 4 

I built to a heavy 4 @ 145. 

6 Rounds
1 shuttle sprint
5 Burpees

My time was 2:14.


Shoulder Press
6 x 4
I did 75lbs.

30-60-90-120 sec.
Ring Hold
Ring Row Hold
We were to count burpees for our score. I believe I was around 64 burpees.

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